We Monitor and Manage   

Your Machines for Efficient Support  



Fix problems before you notice


Diagnose the cause of problems quickly


Detect warnings and prevent downtime


Receive alerts when things go wrong


We can Detect problems at a glance Live remote monitoring allows us to keep an eye on all the remote    machines we manage for you.  We track key aspects of the system and send notifications to allow you to respond before they lead to downtime.


Systems are down

Disks are running out of space

Low memory or high CPU

Popup errors or warnings

Anti-Virus need updating

Firewall is not running

Irregular network usage

Malicious applications

We manage machines remotely Proactively support multiple machines concurrently
  Monitor vital systems data

Disk usage and availability

Periodic screenshots

Remote file and directory listings

Network addresses and identifiers

CPU and memory usage

Top consuming processes


Track Stolen Computers     Monitor data can be used to track down missing or stolen machines.

  • Use LAN and WAN IP information to identify the user's internet provider, location and account
  • We monitor screenshots to see how the machine is being used
  • Retrieve sensitive data before remotely deleting it